White-Collar Criminal Defense

Martin, Brown, Sullivan, Roadman & Hartnett, Ltd. provides individuals and corporations with representation in white-collar criminal matters. Not only do the firm’s attorneys have proven capabilities to represent companies or executives already facing criminal investigation or the return of an indictment, they also provide substantial counsel, guidance and crisis communication during government investigations to avoid or minimize formal charges. The firm’s trial lawyers, including former federal prosecutors and a senior Illinois Attorney General’s Office official, are particularly skilled in handling high profile and highly publicized matters for well-known companies and officials, including those related to the Departments of Justice, Health and Human Services and Agriculture, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Experienced practitioners also provide representation in ancillary proceedings such as parallel proceedings and the complex civil and administrative actions that often arise from criminal investigation or prosecution.

We provide preventative counseling and internal company investigations and compliance audits to assist corporate counsel and senior executives in ferreting out potential criminal activity and reviewing the efficacy and sufficiency of internal policies and procedures. In our experience, internal compliance audits and internal corporate investigations often preclude the return of an indictment or minimize efforts by federal or state law enforcement authorities to impose onerous civil penalties or debarment.

Given the complexities of contemporary business regulation, prudence dictates that executives and professionals have a lawyer’s assistance in appearing as witnesses in trials and investigations. Our trial lawyers’ sensibilities assist in achieving the client’s objective of testifying in the most effective, efficient, non-entangling manner possible.

For corporations, officers and selective individuals facing grand jury, agency and corporate investigations, as well as possible prosecution, Martin, Brown, Sullivan, Roadman & Hartnett, Ltd. provides a team of highly skilled defense practitioners whose knowledge of the inner workings and organization of federal and Illinois law enforcement offices, agencies, and departments greatly enhances the firm’s ability to achieve successful outcomes for its clients.